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Im in canada, if neything, lol, we can close our boarders and still survive for the next 100 yrs or so, Canda as its own country has its own naturl suppy from wood, to oil, to coal, gold, dimonds, nickle, silver the list goes on, unfortunitly we have faggots running our governments(Politics), and just giving away our supplies, your welcome the rest of the world, cept Europe, cause they as well contain there own natural resources, but thats another story lets not change the subject.well, I guess it isnt happening everywhere, but it is happening in Ontairo, sorry to not specifiy.

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Ive been seeing on news and stuff that we are finally running low on gas, now going to have to kill the pumps (temp) due to a depletion of Oil thus now they increase the gas prices. To b hosest, we have so much Crude Oil, its not funney, for some reason they still tapping into the grounds and from oceans to land, there is always a vast ammount of crude oil laying around.

The Government and Industry work closely to ensure that Industry's access is unfettered and strategically extracted.

Unfortunately some Government/Industry strategies, as indicated in this post, are not near as effective when dealing with supply and demand at the pumps. Gas shortage a symptom of big Ontario problem, group says Last Updated: Wednesday, February 21, 2007 | PM ETCBC News An Ontario refinery fire has left gas stations with dry tanks andhigher prices because the province depends too heavily on importedfuel, an independent retail group says.

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