15 year old guy dating a 17 year old

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but girls all over the world FIND a guy that is going to except you for who you really are , not who u try to be!!

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For the people that say that 'everyone is beautiful' this is the biggest lie in the world, if everyone was beautiful then we would all be celebs, models on magazines, tv, catwalk.

And the fact that almost 90 percent of all girls were feeling depressed about their appearance and 76 percent of them having eating disorders as a way to handle negative emotions towards themselves is alarming. Honestly you need to be nice and good looking to find somebody but some of the girls when aged 10 to 14 are too desperate to have a bf.

And when there is a girl who has no girl friends but only boy friends then she obviously is good looking.

I've had enough of girls my age thinking there not pretty, or good enough.

Truth is, those guys that judge girls on their appearence aren't worth your time anyways.

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