A brief history of courtship and dating in america dating a nonbeliever

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With a scarcity of women, men often raided other villages and scooped up the first women they saw.

As time went on, arranged marriages became the norm.

One of the author's favorite words is "commodification," as she argues that the whole concept of dating as it evolved in the twentieth century in essence allowed men to "purchase" women by asking for dates and paying for the experience.

Indeed, the quite non-economic word "love" seldom appears in this study. Bailey tends to overwork the new jargon; words like "privilege" used as a verb, "discourse," and "subtextually" dot the text. And Bailey could profitably write a second book on the subject—one in which she broadens her scope beyond the young, the white, and the middle class.

The dating rituals we have today are quite different than those of our ancestors.

It may surprise you to learn that courtship, or dating, is a fairly new phenomenon.

Bailey is especially effective and provocative in building her central model: that dating conventions were deeply tied to an essentially commercial relationship.In 1965 television shows such as The Dating Game were a big hit for singles.It was the first time that women were in charge of picking out men instead of vice-versa.This was about the same time as the King James Version of the Bible was translated with its risqué, romantic Song of Solomon.Romantic love finally became viewed as the primary requirement for marriage during the Victorian Era.

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