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She was never irritated for a second, never raised her voice whatever kind of people she had to work with - nice or not quite nice.

I sent her some questions by way of an interview since we had no time to do it on the dictophone during her stay in Moscow. But the Magic is there anyway and Lori makes the world around her a colorful fest. I just cant's begin to tell you how much I love you and I hope this is only the beginning..." The Art of Isadora Duncan Lori Belilove & Company Resident Performing Company of the lsadora Duncan Dance Foundation Program Wednesday June 29th, 2005, Dances from the Repertory of Isadora Duncan (1878-1927). This Festival called "The Moscow Action" was not only remarkable because it celebrated the 100th anniversary of Duncan, but also because it was organized by the Russian followers of the Duncan school, for examle, "The Free Dance Studio" at the Academy of Sciences."All the movements are inside me", she said showing us some steps.I tried to find out how old she was, but she answered evasively that she was quite old, around 90."She's been celebrating her 90th jubilee for the last 15 years", a Russian choreographer told me later.And she called herself Lyalya, a very girlish name, not Olga Nikolayaevna.

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