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The Edison is the powerful new computing module from Intel®.It’s tiny enough to embed into wearable projects, versatile enough to manage internet-of-things applications, and powerful enough to control robotics platforms.

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It includes an FTDI for interacting with the console, and it also breaks out the Edison’s USB-OTG port and a number of I/O pins.

The latter can be downloaded on the same Edison - Software Downloads page you were on earlier, towards the bottom of the page. Download the Windows Edison Driver After you download this executable, run it and follow along with the install wizard to set your computer up with the drivers.

It may take a couple minutes to complete the driver installation.

The tutorial is split into the following sections: Before you start plugging things in and blinking LEDs, make sure your development computer has everything it needs to work with the Edison.

The Edison is designed to work with any operating system: Windows, Mac or Linux.

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