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“About a month went by when I got a call from his supervisor at the garage asking how I was and was there anything I needed,” Zeis said.He also asked if she could come in for a few hours on a volunteer basis to help them with the record keeping void left by her husband’s untimely death.

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And our parks and recreation members will be on the job putting our public recreation centers, parks and public golf courses in top share for all to enjoy.

As much as Kasich claims all is forgiven for Senate Bill 5, he still never misses a chance to take a whack at working Ohioans.

Without a voice on the job, I believe many providers will leave the profession and many talented individuals will be discouraged to take up early childhood development as a career.

As a professional, the union is my voice to advocate for those I serve and my fellow providers.

Through the union I can share my every­day experience about what works and what doesn’t, and offer improvements. Denying me my right to union representation has little to do with improving early childhood education in Ohio, and a lot to do with the governor’s political ambitions.

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