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A crisis within the economic relations of capitalism was bound to precipitate a crisis in the democratic political system.

Democracy in the era of economic liberalism has viewed power as a thing to be feared, rather than used; and this disposition, coupled with the checks on democratic action written into the Con- stitution, has prompted American democracy to state the problem FOREWORD IX of power negatively.

(2) The appearance of the Industrial Revo- lution simultaneously with political democracy distracted men's at- tention from the perennially unfinished task of building democ- racy.

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Lincoln referred to this same tendency when he wrote in i860, "Soberly, it is now no child's play to save the principles of Jefferson from total overthrow in this nation"; and he went on to speak of "the miners and sappers of returning despotism" engaged in undercutting democracy.Columbia Univeriiicy i-_„ S6' Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2006 with funding from IVIicrosoft Corporation OObradrich BUSINESS AS A SYSTEM OF POWER BUSINESS AS A SYSTEM OF POWER By ROBERT A. That Corporation is not, however, the author, owner, publisher, or proprietor of this publication, and is not to be understood as approving by virtue of its grant any of the statements made or views expressed therein.BRADY New York : Momlngslde Heights COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY PRESS 1943 Copyright 1943 COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY PRESS, NEW YORK Foreign Agents: Oxford University Press, Humphrey milford, AMEN house, LONDON, E. To WESLEY CLAIR MITCHELL who, without knowing it, has had much to do with the writing of this book FOREWORD MEN HAVE ALWAYS EXPERIENCED difficulty in pcrcciving the thrust of deeper tendencies beneath the surface phenomena of their day.If such a policy has seemed to be not without some justification in more leisurely eras of change, it is today nothing less than disastrous.For we are living through one of the great climactic eras of history, a major faulting of the institutional crust.

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