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This is a book about power and the organization of power around the logic of technology as operated under capitalism.The charac- teristic thing about democracy is its diffusion of power among the people.That men have recurrently had to have recourse to revolu- tions in order to assert such a pattern of power attests the inveterate presence within society of a contrary tendency.In such a time, when men and their most cherished concerns are being dragged headlong at the heels of confused events, the one chance for constructive recovery of control lies in the diagnosis of underlying causes. Brady cuts through to the central problem dis- rupting our world, the most dangerous issue democracy faces.This problem is not basically created by Adolf Hitler and the Axis na- tions, but by the organized economic power backing the Hitlers in nation after nation over the industrial world as a device for shoring up for yet a while longer a disintegrating economic system.

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