Alpha female with kids dating

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You even have to deal with daily issues, crazy family problems and the constant headache that goes with paying the bills, etc… Basically, the focus of the relationship slowly shifts from fun to boring because you always have a duty to take care of the unpleasant responsibilities in the most efficient way. No matter what the situation is, you are always somehow responsible. Basically, it’s only a bullshit reason to create drama!I am sure you have one of those buddies who once declared himself to be a complete loser in a relationship, a relationship that was slowly eating away at him, draining the life out of him. There is no need to take it personally but it’s your fault, and it’s always going to be. That’s why it is totally inadequate to only address that specific issue.Analyse if this drama is part of a bigger sequence of dramatic events or just the usual whining crap.By doing that and relying on focused logic, these practices will prevent you from being emotionally involved in the drama itself, which would only give birth to more in the long run.Remember that at subconscious level women want to fall and surrender for a strong man who will protect them.You have to understand that their natural self-doubt remains a constant player because it is this doubt that will always motivate them to verify that you are still the one and only player in the field.It’s simply, because they are big babies constantly whining and bitching about everything!The exact same way a 3-year old would do, women would create random drama scenarios out of thin air because they want more attention. It is easy to realize how the relationship and lifestyle in which women were the actual instigators, such as settling down, getting married, getting more serious, is actually the reason why they are so bored and thus willing to cause drama all the time. But instead of sucking it up like we do, they throw tantrum all around!

In other words, they create drama and chaos with the goal of making you lose control.

The real challenge comes next, when she decides to move in! Simply because we are slowly moving away from entertainment-centred relationships to a more boring daily-routine-centred relationship. I just finished solving a dozen problems, everything is rolling smoothly, and suddenly, out of nowhere, there is some sort of apocalyptic crisis collapsing down on my head again! Fortunately, it’s all fine; no need get aggravated for that one. (Just Another Drama) I can indeed finish my burger and shoot a couple of arrows before having to deal with the situation.

When you date a woman, you only see her when she is at her best: all dressed up, sexy, in a good mood with nice hair and make-up. Everything is fun when you “date”, and all your problems seem to disappear during that specific span of time. But when she lives with you, it is the morning routine that causes the greatest pain in the ass: cooking the food, doing the chores, working a fucking job, being tired, stressed out or sick all the time. Your fault or not, something you did or did not do, the actual problem in that particular situation is most likely to not be the real cause of the drama which is in fact caused by some behind-the-scenes stuff you are not even aware of.

It provides the emotional variety that they crave so much!

And since everything else in their life is getting more and more boring, because their ultimate goal is to “settle down” or be “more serious”, they develop an addiction to drama. One of the characteristics of any normal, feminine and sane woman is to feel insecure about many different aspects of her life.

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