American woman dating israeli man

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If you don’t do so, you can end up with broken heart, or you might find yourself doing things that you don’t want to do only because you are too in love to let the relationship go.So, get ready for a fight and stay hopeful about finding an Israeli man who can happen.

The first time, I couldn’t believe what I’d heard so I repeated, “Excuse me” several times just to make sure that I understood it well. Most of the time, the third question really was, “Are you Jewish?

Eventually, the polite talk will get stuck on one and only one subject – conversion. In the worst case scenario, in the eyes of a very religious Jewish mother, even conversion won’t make you good enough for her son. But hey, let’s try to be optimistic again–maybe you’ve decided that you want to convert to please the family (mostly the mother) of your loved one.

Maybe you even started to believe in Judaism or have found some other important reason to convert.

Back then, I didn’t really understand how lucky I was – neither he nor his family cared that I wasn’t Jewish, and I believed that was a normal situation.

It’s not that they didn’t mind me being a Christian; they were atheist and didn’t care about religion at all.

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