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Even then, veterans still battled with their guilt. Their fellow citizens echoed what their own consciences already told them - that they'd done something terribly, terribly wrong.Is it any wonder that as many as 1.5 veterans - more than half of those who served in Vietnam - suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Although he makes a good case that these soldiers deserve, if not admiration, at least compassion, his frequent, brook-no-argument assertions that most soldiers are "brave", "noble" people committing a "necessary evil" can be grating to those of a more pacifist bent.

I put clothes on these targets and polyurethane heads.

Explains Grossman:"In behavioral terms, the man shape popping up in the soldier's field of fire is the 'conditioned stimulus', the immediate engaging of the target is the 'target behavior'.

'Positive reinforcement' is given in the form of immediate feedback when the target drops if it is hit...

Let's break down the numbers: - a regiment contains between 200 and 1,000 men - a soldier operating at peak efficiency could get off 1-5 shots per minute - during training, these soldiers were 25% accurate at 225 yards, 40% accurate at 150 yards, and 60% accurate at 70 yards Taking the most modest of these estimates - a 200 man regiment shooting once per minute with 25% accuracy - you would expect to see about 50 hits, more than 25 times that which was generally observed.

As one officer observed, "It seems strange that a company of men can fire volley after volley at a like number of men at not over a distance of fifteen steps and not cause a single casualty. In Civil War times, conscience-stricken soldiers also had the option of pretending to fire - that is, loading up their muskets, mimicking the movements of a firing soldier next to them, and pretending to recoil.

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