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Bone is taken from ­elsewhere in the jaw and grafted on to existing bone just below the implant site.

Instead of stripping big areas of gum, as is usually done, bone ­grafting can be performed through a 2-3mm incision.

Bone is said to respond faster to vibration rather than steady pressure.

Dr Anoop Maini, clinical ­director of the Aqua Dental Spa in London, says: ‘Braces can take three years to straighten teeth.

‘This is a great breakthrough for all ­needle-phobics,’ he adds. The wand can get rid of the worst kinds of bacteria with effects lasting three to six months.

Professor Stephen Porter, ­director of the Eastman Dental Institute at University College, London, says: ‘This will improve infection control.

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The aim is to use them to treat periodontal disease, where gum infection spreads to the bone ­resulting in a large loss of both hard and soft tissues.

‘We realised that wounds in the mouth heal a lot more quickly than wounds to the skin, so we investigated what may be ­responsible for this,’ explains Phil Stephens, professor of cell biology at Cardiff University’s Tissue ­Engineering and ­Reparative ­Dentistry ­Department.

It releases minerals over 24 hours, which stay in the mouth for longer.

We’re aiming for it to cost £3 a tube.’AVAILABLE: 18 months to two years.

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