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The visible planet is only a specialized part of the whole, like the area of germination in the germinal vesicle of the human embryo...

What is visible in the heavens is no more than a fragmentary manifestation of cosmic space, which in reality is ever filled with substance...

Rudolf Steiner is here referring to the changes from Aries to Pisces.

The change from astronomical "head," Ram, to "feet," Fish, is described by him as an extreme changeover.

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"Twelve ages ago the sun was in the same position, so that towards the end of the Lemurian epoch there were conditions similar to ours." - .Mathematics can regulate my approach to reality; it does not constitute reality. The whole earth matter was, so to say, a living but still unformed substance, and spiritual science must imagine, aside from this unshaped substance, that which we call the formative principle, the transcendent formative principle as something purely spiritual at the starting point of earth evolution...This reciprocal effect between spirit and matter - natural science of the future will prove this." - .This is connected with the position of the earth's axis in relation to the axis of the ecliptic, with mighty processes in the constellation of neighboring celestial bodies; and there are definite times when, on account of the particular position of the earth's axis in relation to these other bodies of the cosmic system, the distribution of warmth and cold on our earth is radically changed.This position of the earth's axis in relationship to neighboring stars causes the climatic conditions to change.

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