Apple tv youtube favorites not updating

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Apple has even redone the tv OS interface in DCI-P3 so it looks great as you navigate for content as well. For movies and television, it's like you're watching everything again for the first time, even if you've already seen them a dozen times or more. That means, regardless of whether you have 4K or HDR, or if the content you're watching in HD or 4K, HDR 10 or Dolby Vision, Apple always picks the best possible output to send to your television.

Also, the aerial screensavers that come built into the box. Thanks to 4K, you can almost see the people on the streets (I know that guy! It's great for mainstream customers who don't want or need to worry about choosing arcane numbers off a list a dozen or more items long.

ARKit makes it easy to build fantastic augmented reality experiences into apps.

And Core ML lets developers use machine learning to create apps that become more intelligent.

And our editors choose a different topic every day for you to explore in a new tab called Spotlight.

They also craft a daily selection of the best videos for you to see in Today View.

i OS 11 sets a new standard for what is already the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. With i OS 11, i Phone and i Pad are the most powerful, personal, and intelligent devices they’ve ever been. And there’s a dedicated place for your recent files. So with just a swipe, you can open and switch apps instantly.

It’s the biggest thing to come to the App Store since apps. So when you tell Siri to play some music, you’ll hear a song you love. Siri can also answer music trivia questions like “Who’s the drummer in this band? And these features are encrypted end-to-end, so your personal information remains private. Want to dim the lights in the dining room with a tap? Or use 3D Touch in Control Center to unlock even more commands.

I remember the first time I saw 3D as well but only because I disliked it intensely. I was either too far away or the set was smaller than a wall so I couldn't really see the difference. That's how important I really find those more vivid colors and more expansive gamma.

It was like putting on a fresh pair of glasses, seeing the blur and smear fade, and the world resolve better and sharper before me. While the new set-top box is called Apple TV 4K, it's really Apple TV HDR to me.

i OS 11 makes it easier and more intuitive than ever to multitask.

You can open a second app right from the Dock, and both apps remain active in Slide Over as well as Split View.

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