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Grade D evidence is weak and does not provide support for either recommendations or suggestions.

However, the guideline authors may choose to provide guidance in the form of an where they believe that guidance will result in improved patient care, even in cases where the evidence is low or lacking.

He suggests that, compared with a simple RWD approach, device experience or RESS (responsive web design with server-side components) approaches can provide a user experience that is better optimized for mobile devices.

Server-side "dynamic CSS" implementation of stylesheet languages like Sass or Incentivated's MML can be part of such an approach by accessing a server based API which handles the device (typically mobile handset) differences in conjunction with a device capabilities database in order to improve usability.

Systematic Literature Review The charge to the panel was "to recommend validation requirements for whole imaging systems (WSI) used for diagnostic purposes." The central question that the panel addressed was "What should be done to validate a whole slide digital imaging system for diagnostic purposes before it is placed in clinical service?

Grade C evidence is insufficient to support a recommendation; instead the term is used, for which care should be taken in application.

Suggestions may also reflect guidance in cases where the evidence is conflicting or inconclusive.

In this guideline, guidance includes recommendations, suggestions and expert consensus opinion; there were no instances of The College of American Pathologists (CAP) developed the Pathology and Laboratory Quality Center as a forum to create and maintain evidence-based practice guidelines and consensus statements.

Practice guidelines and consensus statements reflect the best available evidence and expert consensus supported in practice.

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