Athena finds out percy and annabeth are dating

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In case you hadn't noticed I put a temporary cancellation on Kylie Cole- Irregular Demigod... Anyways, I was dreaming about all of our adventures we had together. I couldn't even kiss her back because I was so surprised. I couldn't believe I didn't know that she liked me then. I know you are always right, but that is never going to happen. They are probably showing that if you keep dating me you will just get hurt or something, but, Annabeth, you will never be hurt by me or anybody else as long as you are alive and I'm with you. I promise.""But Percy-" I pressed my lips to hers gently to keep her quiet."No buts, Wise Girl.

I know it sounds really sappy, but she is incredible, and I couldn't stop myself. Annabeth probably thought it was the worst first kiss she would have for the rest of her life.

" Athena and Poseidon rushed over to Aphrodite, where she was spying on their children. Annabeth began to freak out and Poseidon glared at Athena.

Athena concentrated hard and saw the scum disappear. Athena was about ready to kill Poseidon, but he smirked.

I looked at Annabeth, who was looking questionably in the direction Aphrodite left.

Then she turned to me and said, "Let's keep going." I nodded, "Yeah okay. " She laughed, "I'm assuming Aphrodite is the only god that will do anything like that." I've been having terrible writers block lately so sorry for that lack of updates.

Artemis removed her hand and smiled, "I wish you and your child eternal luck, and happiness." "Ahh!!!!!!

" "He may be loyal, but that is going to be his fall! Percy put his hand over Annabeth's and Athena watched her daughter's face alight with joy.

Zeus and Hera~ Annabeth and I walked into Olympus hand in hand.

But of coarse the Fates are not done meddling with their lives. ATHENA POV Athena sat in her throne, bickering with Poseidon, or as she liked to call him, the sea scum.

Athena almost exploded when she saw what was on the screen.

Finally I got the nerve to speak up,"Umm, not to interrupt but can we," I gestured to the door. "Have fun with your relationship," Hera said with an evil glint in her eyes that made me feel a little uneasy, like she already planned something to happen to us. "Oh and congratulations you to," he added without looking up from the coins. As we were walking a certain love goddess saw us, and well she squealed so loudly I almost went deaf.

We tried walking away but there was a POP and pink smoke and Aphrodite was standing in front of us.

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