Avoid dating disaster them

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It’s 2017, and texting all day long is the new normal.And when you like someone, of course, you want to talk and hear from them all the time.Countless conversations and texts with your friends trying to analyze and predict how into you they are can lead you down the wrong path, says life coach Georgina Taee. So many of us waste the early days of a new relationship focusing singularly on the other person.” Think of it like a job interview: You’re not just trying to sell yourself to the company—you’re also trying to find out if it’s the right place for you, too.It doesn’t matter how much you hated your ex—nobody wants to hear you go on and on about the last person you were with.While you may want to be “known” by this person you’re really excited about, it might not be a good idea to go into too many details about your past relationships, toxic family, or seasonal depression, explains Anza Goodbar, an empowerment coach.“Focus on the positives and save your deep dark secrets for a time when you have built a foundation.” Liking and commenting on every Instagram and tweet, stalking their every move and going back years to see who they were dating…

“Don’t try to be the person you think your date wants you to be.

Heed their warnings, or you could be back on that dating app sooner than expected.

You’re one week in and tell yourself, he/she is “the one.” These days, many people aren’t in any hurry to commit seriously.

“Share with your partner as much as they share with you and only if it feels right,” advises relationship expert Margaux Cassuto.

Maybe you thought it was weird how he or she checked out the server on your first date, or didn’t pick up the tab, or made an off-color “joke” that didn’t feel quite right—but all his or her charm, good looks, and intelligence makes up for it, right?! If your gut is picking up on little things, but you keep telling yourself a certain narrative about how you could be meant for each other, it may spell disaster down the road.

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