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And, if you vent about how bad and crazy they were, your new flame may start to wonder what’s wrong with you for dating someone like that. When we first start seeing someone, we’re hyper-alert about little things we might not otherwise notice.You’re in the discovery phase and it’s easy to make stereotypical judgments.After months or years of swiping, you’ve finally found a person worth keeping around for awhile.While the early part of a new relationship can be a rush of fun and excitement, those first few weeks can also help determine whether the relationship moves forward or not—and whether it will be healthy.

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It’s pretty common for mutual friends to be on dating apps, and it’s a huge red flag when your S. Deactivate as soon as you both agree to be exclusive.Maintaining a bit of mystery isn’t the same thing as playing games, people.By all means have sex when you want, but know that sometimes when sex enters a relationship early, it can hijack your emotions and cloud your judgment, explains relationship expert La Vonya Reeves. You start dating someone and begin a relationship that’s also sexual.While you may want to be “known” by this person you’re really excited about, it might not be a good idea to go into too many details about your past relationships, toxic family, or seasonal depression, explains Anza Goodbar, an empowerment coach.“Focus on the positives and save your deep dark secrets for a time when you have built a foundation.” Liking and commenting on every Instagram and tweet, stalking their every move and going back years to see who they were dating…

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