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You will receive an email from our Sales Department shortly with a Pending Sale Agreement.This will also explain the next steps in the transaction process. We do offer payment programs, on some transactions.The domain name transfer process is streamlined and can happen within a few hours, on most transactions.After our Domains Department receives payment verification from our partners, they will immediately transfer the domain name to a domain account with all of your contact information, at the domain names registrar of record.Our secure domain holding program allows the buyer to make scheduled payments, while the domain name is held in an escrow account.The domain name can be used by the buyer for a website and email, while making payments. Please contact our sales department in the remarks section below for more information.Our companies are long term corporate partners with both for payment processing of any domain name sales. Our company does not collect any payment information such as credit cards, bank information, etc.

Upon payment and domain transfer, our company would have no further rights to this domain name. A top domain name will help your business grow faster online from the first day.Top domain names are ranked better in search results, offer better online customer awareness and give you a great brand that is easy to remember.A premium domain name will give you a competitive advantage right from the startup stage.You would then receive all the login and domain management information via email.If you prefer to transfer this domain name to another registrar, we will accommodate that transfer request.

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