Boa and siwon secretly dating

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I saw you in Phantom and now I want to watch everything you've ever acted in or been featured in...might sound insane. ~^^ I am, most definitely, looking forward to Choi Daniel's new drama Why? I must say that even though i don't know you personally, i think you're a great person. of all anticipated male actors you are one of the lead who has amazing style !!

i wish him all the best and i hope his career will prosper:) He deserves millions and millions of fans. I hope he stays cute and adorable just as he is now^^ Fighting!

I was so happy to see that Daniel Choi won an award for Expect Dating at the KBS Drama Awards for 2013. I am going to watch the other dramas that I haven't seen you in yet. I really liked you in baby-faced beauty, but the story is a little bit too light for me.

The truth being, they half-drunkenly slept together.

guys, let's be friends, do not write that you came to mind, and yet - if you do not like it, do not open the site in general ... but imagine if one of you will be known as he and you will be writing bad as you do?

It began airing in September and is the oldest of South Korea current comedy programs.

He is cute but can be totally serious and he makes you want to root for him to survive or get the job done or get the girl.

Being an old lady I can still say he's good looking enough for Hollywood but hope he doesn't go there cause they would ruin him. I saw in a interview that his parents gave him a Bible name (Daniel) because he was a miraculous blessing from God.

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