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Unlike the previous tombs on this list, you can actually venture inside.

The bottom right photo shows the view from the entrance into the chambers within.

Within the mound, archaeologists discovered 5 chambers known as cists, with a variety of Bronze Age pots.

It is believed that the rectangular recess was the resting place of one of the deceased.

This curious structure is known as a Dolmen, and is part of another tomb complex.

Some Dolmens date back as far as 4000 BC, 2000 years older than the pyramids at Giza.

Archaeologists found more than 50 human skeletons inside; curiously, it seems that the bones had been separated out into different types and stored in the various rooms.

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In prehistory, it would have been surrounded by earth like a Barrow, but the soil has eroded away.

The O stone was considered a cure for all ailments, and was used in healing rituals where children were passed through the circular stone to cure diseases.

At a full moon, legend holds it that if a woman passes through the hole 7 times, she will fall pregnant.

Local legend suggests that it is involved in dark rituals, and that it is best avoided at night.

The whole thing is comprised of two concentric circles and an inner burial mound, with a surrounding circular wall – the mound would originally have stood several meters high.

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