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"It became clear years ago that paleontologists were not just neglecting to test dinosaur bones for C-14 content but were refusing to.

Normally a good scientist will be curious about the ages of important fossil bones,” Hugh Miller, a research and consulting chemist and Head of the Paleochronology Group, told Ancient Origins in an email.

Ivanov, a researcher at Moscow State University, used a technique called laser mass spectroscopy, which measures small quantities of chemicals, to analyze samples of the bones. The press release comes out in November 1991 discussing the discoveries of "Soviet scientists". This suggests to me that someone, observing the soviet union starting to dissolve, has timed the press release so that no one can check the source. Laser Mass Spectrography is only one step in carbon dating.

It is the ratio between the isotopes C-12 and C-14 that defines the age.

The Triceratops brow horn was excavated by palaeontologist Otis Kline Jr, microscope scientist Mark Armitage, and microbiologist and avocational palaeontologist Kevin Anderson, in May 2012, and two horn samples (GDFM 12.001a and GDFM 12.001b) were given to the Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum in Montana.

The samples were then sent to the University of Georgia, Center for Applied Isotope Studies for Carbon-14 dating, which yielded an estimated date of 33,570 ± 120 years for the first sample and 41,010 ± 220 years for the second.

Instead, the museum, located in an area of Montana known for world-class dinosaur fossils, offers a literal, biblical account of creation. At MSU he taught graduate level molecular genetics courses and also was the major professor for many doctoral and masters students.

Museum's Fossils Presented in Creationist Context Associated Press Oct. EDT More DONNA HEALY, Billings Gazette GLENDIVE, Mont.—The head and monstrous jaws of a tyrannosaurus rex sculpture poke through the outer wall of the Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum.

Inside, life-size castings of dinosaur skeletons offer the polished look of a big-city science museum.

The Soviets used bone fragments of a dozen dinosaurs obtained from finds in Texas and Colorado and from the collection at the Carnegie Museum, Miller said.

The data is one more attack by believers of creationist theory on the theory of evolution, which has provided the fundamental underpinnings of modern biology.

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