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The second stage of the selection process is referred to as "the callbacks" (the round has often been held in the city of Las Vegas and also been known as "Vegas Week" for much of the show's run, but has been called Academy Week since season 13).The callbacks consist of a several-day-long process in which the remaining hopefuls are tested for overall well-rounded dance ability, stamina, creativity and their ability to perform under pressure.Though it is produced over the course of months, the selection phase is highly edited and usually constitutes only the first 2–4 weeks of aired episodes, with the competition episodes forming the remaining 8–9 weeks of the season. During this stage, dancers perform a brief routine (typically a solo, but duet and group routines are allowed as well) before a panel of dance experts, usually headed by series creator and executive producer Nigel Lythgoe.Nigel Lythgoe is co-creator of the So You Think You Can Dance franchise, and has been executive producer and permanent member of the judge's panel of the U. This panel then decides on-the-spot whether the dancer demonstrated enough ability and performance value to proceed further. “It’s a little strange having someone follow you to get a coffee.” The attention doesn’t surprise director David Slade, who tweeted that Samuel delivers a “power performance.” But that doesn’t answer his fans’ most pressing question: Is he Team Edward or Team Jacob? “I’m not down with the wolf pack; I’m not down with the Cullen clan!” Catalina Sandino Moreno Age: 29 The actress says that transforming into Maria-the seductive 19th-century vampire who turns “nice Jackson Rathbone into evil Jasper”-wasn’t hard at all.Since Season six, the series has also featured a showcase episode that takes place immediately before the main competition.

Alternatively, if judges are on the fence about the dancer, they may ask the contestant to wait until the end of that day's auditions to participate in a short test of their ability to pick up professional choreography.Says Stewart: “It was funny to see her go back and forth.” JODELLE FERLAND Age: 15 Onscreen, she’s out to kill the Cullen clan as newborn vampire Bree Tanner. An even bigger coup: Ferland scored a top-secret-albeit temporary-copy of Stephenie Meyer’s novella , due out in June. native (real name: Nils Stewart Jr.) later starred in the ’09 indie flick ‘s tribe as scrappy shapeshifter Seth Clearwater. ” says the Vancouver native, who starred in ABC Family’s star grew up training as a dancer alongside her twin sister, Erin (“She’s five minutes older! “It was very tight,” says Gibson, who had three wardrobe women lace her up. ” Jack Huston Age: 27 The British export-and Anjelica Huston’s nephew!Offscreen, the British Columbia native is a proud member of Team Edward, who was “really excited to meet Robert Pattinson! “After I read the story,” she said, “we burned it.” JULIA JONES Age: 29 The best part about playing Leah Clearwater, the only she-wolf among her pack of male costars? “I feel like the youngest daughter.” And the worst? ” Booboo Stewart Age: 16 The star launched his career not on the big screen, but in the studio: At age 12, Stewart signed a recording deal with Walt Disney Records and the pop group T-Squad. -said he dived into “a bit of a darker place” to play Royce King II, Rosalie’s adoring boyfriend turned abusive fiancé.Seriously, she was always a cutie, but now she's a beautiful young woman. So You Think You Can Dance is an American televised show dance competition show that airs on Fox in the United States and is the flagship series of the international So You Think You Can Dance television franchise.

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