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“It’s a little strange having someone follow you to get a coffee.” The attention doesn’t surprise director David Slade, who tweeted that Samuel delivers a “power performance.” But that doesn’t answer his fans’ most pressing question: Is he Team Edward or Team Jacob? “I’m not down with the wolf pack; I’m not down with the Cullen clan!” Catalina Sandino Moreno Age: 29 The actress says that transforming into Maria-the seductive 19th-century vampire who turns “nice Jackson Rathbone into evil Jasper”-wasn’t hard at all.The show features a tiered format wherein dancers trained in a variety of dance genres enter open auditions held in a number of major U. cities to showcase their talents and may move forward through successive additional rounds of auditions to test their ability to adapt to different styles.At the end of this process, a small number of dancers are chosen as finalists.Though it is produced over the course of months, the selection phase is highly edited and usually constitutes only the first 2–4 weeks of aired episodes, with the competition episodes forming the remaining 8–9 weeks of the season. During this stage, dancers perform a brief routine (typically a solo, but duet and group routines are allowed as well) before a panel of dance experts, usually headed by series creator and executive producer Nigel Lythgoe.Nigel Lythgoe is co-creator of the So You Think You Can Dance franchise, and has been executive producer and permanent member of the judge's panel of the U. This panel then decides on-the-spot whether the dancer demonstrated enough ability and performance value to proceed further.“They’re loud,” said the Boston native, best known as Dr.

Since the second season, it has been hosted by former British children's television personality and game show emcee Cat Deeley.

If the dancer exhibited exceptional ability in their performance, judges award "a ticket to Vegas" (or in more recent seasons "a ticket to the Academy"), moving them instantly one step forward in the competition.

Alternatively, if judges are on the fence about the dancer, they may ask the contestant to wait until the end of that day's auditions to participate in a short test of their ability to pick up professional choreography.

The dancers are put through a battery of rounds that test their ability to pick up various dance styles; these are typically some of the more well-represented genres that are later prominent in the competition phase, such as hip-hop, jazz, ballroom, and contemporary.

Additionally the dancers may be asked to perform further solos in styles of their choosing and participate in a group choreography round in which small teams of contestants must display their musicality and ability to communicate professionally by choreographing a performance to a randomly selected piece of music — this challenge is notable as being the only time competitors are asked to choreograph themselves, aside from solos.

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