Com ctc wstx sr validating streamreader java

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Http Inbound Link.handle New Request(Http Inbound at channel.Http Inbound Link.process Request(Http Inbound at channel.Thread Pool$ Caused by: Wstx EOFException: Unexpected EOF in prolog at [row,col ]: [1,0] at Stream Scanner.throw Unexpected EOF(Stream at DBLog Out Intercepter: Adding Logs ************************************ [1/14/14 :417 GMT] 00000040 System Out O ****************************In DB LOGGIN INTERCEPTOR... Acc Details Int Outbound Message --------------------------- ID: 13 Response-Code: 500 Encoding: UTF-8 Content-Type: text/xml Headers: Payload: finally got the solution. DBLog Out Intercepter: Logt Added ************************************ [1/14/14 :417 GMT] 00000040 Acc Details Int I We are able to see xml content in browser using the url provided by client but when we access the web service through SOAPUI we are getting "Error reading XMLStream Reader." and following exception in WAS log -------------------------------------- [1/14/14 :375 GMT] 00000040 Acc Details Int I Phase Interceptor Chain do Default Logging Interceptor for Account Details WSService has thrown exception, unwinding now org. SAAJIn Interceptor$SAAJPre In Interceptor.handle Message(SAAJIn at org.phase.Phase Interceptor Intercept(Phase Interceptor at org.transport.

Web App Filter Manager.invoke Filters(Web App Filter at ws.webcontainer.servlet.

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Basic Stream Stream at

Basic Stream Tag(Basic Stream the problem is that the wstx tokenizer/parser encountered unexpected (but not necessarily invalid per se) character; character that is not legal in current context.

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