Contemporary dating rules

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It's no secret that the rules of romance have been revolutionised and many are turning to technology to find their life partner.

With various apps and social media platforms, dating in the digital age can often be a minefield.

What’s important is that he makes you happy and you’re willing to go out on more dates to find out if there’s more that he can offer.

" data-reactid="19"Head’s up, singleton–the dating game has changed in today’s modern world. Boy meets girl, boy asks girl out for a movie, on the third day, boy and girl share a kiss. Alas, the dating game has gotten way more complicated than that as rules have changed over the years.

Considering that we now live in a fast-paced life, finding Mr. So what if you’ve known him for 10 years and have only realized how perfect he is?

When it comes to dating, taboos hardly exist anymore.

There’s the whole social media thing to think about.

Exclusivity may not be what it is, and don’t get us started on the whole friends with benefit issue.

So what’s a smart girl to do when it comes to dating?

So what is considered acceptable in order to catch someone's attention and potentially their heart?

According to a new survey by Huawei, which asked 1000 Australian singles, it's far more acceptable to snap a selfie on a date than it is to send a quick text or email.

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