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“A big part of why our relationship worked out was because we were upfront with our finances,” says Amanda, a human resources manager.

Now, the Buchanans are hoping to purchase a home within the year.

That’s how Philadelphia couple Amanda and Devon Buchanan met in 2014.

After both were burned by former flames with bad financial histories, they signed up for Credit Score, which matches users based on their credit history.

“If a guy has a credit score in the 650s and says that he’s working to build his credit, I’d definitely still consider him,” she says.

“But I’m in my 30s and I’m not wasting my time with someone who doesn’t want to level up and take care of their finances.” Still, not all dating experts are onboard with the trend.

“It tells the person’s level of fiscal responsibility and how they’ve handled past obligations.

Paillant, who attends graduate school in Miami, asks potential suitors their credit scores by the fourth date.

Khalfani-Cox says asking dates about their finances, especially credit scores, is a smart move, because money disagreements are the No. “Marriage and relationships are not just an emotional, personal bond, they’re also to a large extent a financial commitment,” says Khalfani-Cox.

“It’s completely appropriate when dating to have a good understanding of your partner’s credit health.” A gender imbalance also exists when it comes to credit scores and dating.

And for good reason: A 2015 study from the Federal Reserve Board found that couples with high credit scores — above 750 — are more likely to stay together; couples with lower-than-average numbers (below 600) are up to three times more likely to separate than those with average scores.

A discrepancy is also a bad sign — the study found that a 66-point difference is linked to a 24 percent greater chance the couple will break up.

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