Dating a fat guy song

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Good luck finding any truly stuck up girls in the Philippines, I spent over 3 months there dating A LOT of women and I can’t remember a single one. Because beauty is only affected by their genetics, not by obesity.The dating market is equal over there (actually in favor of men thanks to the high percentage of gays and lady boys).Then there is the fact that there should be more hot girls walking around, but those hot girls have turned themselves into Jabba the Hut.Many of these fat girls would actually be stunners if they took care of their body. Not only do they make it harder for men to score with the girls they are attracted to, they are forcing some men to choose something that is unattractive to them or be celibate.

And on Sunday the Trainwreck actress looked happy as she was spotted out in New York with a mystery man.Because women don’t care as much about looks, this means that a fat guy can get a hot girl.This means that the obesity epidemic doesn’t affect how women feel about men as much as it affects what men feel about women. All the fat guys can still chase after the hot girls and they do.When you stare at excessive fat you are not seeing the natural form of a human being, you are seeing a sickness, a sickness that they can help, but don’t.Furthermore, I hate fat girls because they don’t see how much it affects themselves.

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