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There's even a movie about George Harrison doing these very things and it's called..guessed it... This song is apparantly about "triumph in the face of adversity". Manchester City) where Manchester City formed a wall against a free kick, and kept blocking all the shots United took at the goal, going on to win the game. [This was on a documentary about the song.]This is for Kevin, from Lakewood, OH. punk stars for having a gosh darly blue day and sounding like Oasis!Claire, it's a free country, so if someone wants to say bad things about Oasis then they can.:(Kudos to Ryan Adams for his version which was perfect in the scene for the O. Despite what has been said about it's meaning I believe this is a love song all the way. Jammie mentioned the mix of this song, its called "boulevard of broken songs" and features boulevard of broken dreams with the wonderwall guitar chords underneath and interchanging vocals, a travis song, not sure which, and dream on Eden from Melbourne South Australia Mentioned Tripod, who do an awesome Oasis Medelly!It is summing up how much he loves her and not being able to describe it in words. Tripod have done some other awesome send ups, and I recommend people look them up!

Now to the lyrics: during the song "Wonderwall" they sing "Backbeat, the word is on the street that the fire in your heart is out". The song goes on to talk about how he shouldn't have released that album because it's so unlike what he did with the Beatles: "by now, you should've somehow realized what your not to do". It was written by one of the band's members and released on the album (What's the Story)Morning Glory? Hey Kevin, last time I checked, the guy's name was Bryan Adams..a "B." You know, the guy that Trey Parker and Matt Stone killed the career of in less than three seconds in "South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut"? But if Oasis ripped off the Beatles should you really down out GREAT!!!

Oasis are no longer the great band they were 10 years ago - now they sound tired, aloof and listless.

Their first two albums were excellent, but the third album was catastrophically bad, and they've never reached the former heights of their releases between 19 since Nathan - Oasis' fans accusing Green Day of plagiarism is the biggest irony.

Although Ryan Adams's version was pretty good too and sort of brought new meaning to the song in conjunction with love the original is a modern classic....

And Boulevard of Broken Dreams may sound like it being a musician I can say that sometimes you come up with a sequence of melodies that might be similar to an existing one but the pitch modulations determine its originality and so it's perfectly possible for Billy Joe Armstrong to have thought it up independently....

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