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Patients that recover from robotic prostatectomy can expect one significant change regarding orgasm, the orgasm without ejaculation.

It will feel different but the pleasure part will still be there.

In such cases, you may want to explore the option of a penile implant for a permanent ED solution.

A penile implant is an excellent option and is associated with a very high rate of patient and partner satisfaction.

If your husband or partner is undergoing robotic surgery for prostate cancer treatment, or is in the midst of recovery, it can be difficult to know the right things to say or do.

Your patience and understanding are the most valuable support you can provide.

It’s normal to worry about sex after prostate cancer. Keep in mind that your overall health, age, and present ED status are all factors in your recovery to sex after prostate surgery.When first diagnosed with prostate cancer, it’s common for men to wonder what the future will hold.Certainly, a prostate cancer cure is top priority, but then what? Samadi, MD, understands that men want to know: If you elect robotic prostate surgery your chances of enjoying sex after prostate surgery are very high.Kegel exercises: Try out pelvic floors exercises to improve orgasm and urinary control.Involve your partner: Work with your partner through physical and emotional intimacy; sex will follow.

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