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This great fun project keeps my creative heart thumping. You make the late nights and the missed week-ends all worthwhile.Below are some examples of introduction letters sent by Russian scammers. Received: from COMP1 ( []) From: [email protected]: The Bat! I am very happy that you have answered my shout of lonely heart. I work in the field of show-business arranging different parties and performances. I love honesty in everything, it was not as though bad...

GUARANTEE: You cannot be disappointed when you get to the top of the Falls! Music booming out from the church on Sunday morning can drive you to distraction. Once maligned as a no-go area of Kampala (I found out after living there for a year), I love Namuwongo. But the romance of candlelight has its moments 😉 32. Second time around, I invited a friend to take my place; third time rafting, and I bailed out as the biggest rapids approached! Difficult situations tend to be dealt with humour, so refreshing after living in London where people resort to shouting and swearing. Everything seems to be sold out by the time I get there – but the view’s worth it. Experience Uganda with me: cultural (mis)interpretations, expat travel advice, travel and tourism, wildlife and birds, Safari field trips, conservation, East African culture, volunteering and the occasional cross-border bus journey. anything to do with elephants – is the mission of UCF, whom I volunteered with for nearly three years. UWEC Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (once Entebbe Zoo) has a cafe overlooking the beach. Despite the challenges of life in a developing country, there's nowhere else I’d rather be. I love Ugandan coffee, just don’t serve me Star coffee powder! Always happy to see me, following me around until I give them what they want – food and a chance to escape the compound and chase a goat. Careering over the wrong side of the road to dodge potholes can be fun, let’s be honest!

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