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Almost a quarter of the country's 40,000 square km lies below sea level, and much more of the Netherlands is at or just above sea level--no worry about altitude sickness here!

There are over 2400 km of dikes to keep the sea water out, some of which are more than 25 meters high. Evidence of cave dwellers dating back this far was found in a quarry near Maastricht.

The Dutch West India Company was founded in 1621, and it was the center of the slave trade as its ships sailed between Africa and the Americas.

Explorers from both of these companies discovered or conquered countries around the world, from New Zealand to Mauritius to the island of Manhattan.

Many of the Dutch worldwide colonies gained their independence during the postwar years.

Many merchants became wealthy selling tapestries, expensive clothing, artwork, and jewelry.A spring river cruise in the Netherlands to view the tulips and other bulb flowers is a terrific cruise experience.We sailed on the Viking River Cruises' Viking Europe roundtrip from Amsterdam, enjoying the spectacular flowers, quaint villages, windmills, and other marvelous sites of the Netherlands and Holland.The Low Countries, as they were called, became famous for their shipbuilding, salted herring, and beer.The 17th century was a golden one for the Netherlands.

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