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These people, though friendly, were different from her family, having different customs and serving different gods.

Although she longed to be married, she knew that he would be an unacceptable candidate.

Perhaps she should not have wandered off alone, but aren’t these thoughts always clearer in hindsight? From the time her family had moved to Shechem settling on land purchased from Hamor, his son, Shechem, had watched her silently.

Dinah had kept her distance, knowing he was not a consideration for her future.

But there was no avoiding him today as he stood boldly before her.

Usually quite comfortable in the presence of males, she now found herself at a loss for words, feeling quite discomfited by his intense gaze.

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As a Christian, where is God in the midst of your grief? The focus of faith has everything to do with where we go from here. It always comes down to the same sobering bottom line.But Shechem claimed he loved her, and sought to redeem what could have been construed as a tragic event.His father in tow, Shechem asked Dinah’s father, Jacob, for her hand in marriage.She pinched herself to awake from this horrid dream, but as her tears blurred the road before her, she realized she was indeed awake.Her life would become as endlessly dry and desolate as the scenery that stretched like a long yawn before her.

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