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It’s tempting to list multiple revenue streams because you’re trying to prove that you will be big.

Yet when consumer internet companies do this, investors generally see a red flag.

Facebook, by the way, was not yet on most people’s radars in the summer of 2004.

This past May was the 10th anniversary of Linked In, and while reflecting on my entrepreneurial journey, I realized that no one gets to see the presentation decks for successful companies.

The charitable interpretation, which was true in our case, is that the company’s team doesn’t know which one model will work.

The bad interpretation is that the team lacks focus and doesn’t understand that they generally need to drive to one business model to succeed.

Instead, our strategy was to steer immediately into the revenue question because that was the top concern of investors in 2004.

And remember, Linked In was a consumer internet play with moderate consumer traction and without a dime of revenue.

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