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The company's Enterprise Web Suite combines portal, content management, collaboration, integration, and search technologies.Its Corporate Portal provides the framework for applications, supports virtual community workspaces, and integrates them into a cohesive Web work environment.Their sophomore production and first full-length record, Mass Teen Fainting, is a blend of potent songs, merging a fifties surf-garage feel with the driving energy of power pop.Their concoction is a Beach-Boys-meets-Shonen-Knife puree, and cocktail leaves the listener with a smile and a tune to hum.One sister repeats the chorus as the other sarcastically murmurs, "I'm up here in my room again, listening to my entire record collection...Duran Duran are my only friends." If there is a weakness in Plumtree's efforts on Mass Teen Fainting, it is the communal attitude they take to their music-making: with four band members, all of whom are singers, the microphone is passed around like at a Karaoke party.Musically speaking, Plumtree is always shifting, adapting their techniques to produce new flavors and textures.In the new album's opening song, "Tropical," Carla Gillis (lead guitarist and singer) declares, "I'm sick of your morals, I'm sick of them, My mother told me what to do today!

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In addition, Plumtree Software offers deployment and support services, consulting services, and training classes.And even Plumtree's less accomplished songs can't help but inject an adrenaline shot into the listener's arm.The dating app's value proposition: quality over quantity with a machine learning algorithm that provides users with one match each day at noon and a system that allows women to rate the men they date in real life." Yet behind this repetition, two guitarists piece together a surf-rock riff, while the bass (Amanda Braden) roots the song's fervent movement with hard-driving chords.In "The Phone, the Phone," sisters Lynette and Carla blend two different vocal styles and come up with a wonderfully complementary sound.

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