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Outstanding artistic phenomena and other examples of high potential of the Northern cultures are usually attributed to the southern influence, while other events of northern prehistory are deduced from climatic changes and migrations of the game animals.Climatic changes significantly affected, indeed, the Arctic cultures opening new opportunities or terminating previous trends.By its constitution the northern culture fits the changeable environment and combines various levels of mobility, from the routine seasonal migrations to the military and trade expansions.Any culture is built in a triangle man-nature-society.The main indicator of ecological adaptation is the annual economic cycle, of the social one the activity pattern including in addition to the economic cycle the religious, ritual, trading, military and other actions difficult to formalize even theoretically owing to their various rhythms and values.From the archaeologists perspective this makes the gap between clearly readable ecological evidences and barely noticeable social symbols even deeper; and pushes researchers even more in favor of the tangible material facts avoiding the three-dimensional modeling.Krupnik [Krupnik 1989; 1993], who used the terms adaptation, subsistence and economics as synonyms.

In this paper I shall limit myself with a brief outline of activity patterns of the seafarers of Scandinavia and The Vikings predecessors in the Arctic sea route development were the ancient Scandinavians and the Finns who built the mysterious stone labyrinths and put pictures of ships and whales on the rocks of Scandinavia and centuries the Vikings expanded the Arctic navigable space to the west to North America (Leif Eriksson, 1000, raid from Greenland to Helluland, Markland and Vinland) and to the east to North Ural area (Ulf Roegnvaldson, 1032, raid from Ladoga to the Iron Gates apparently the Kara Gates Strait dividing Barents and Kara seas).are conventionally considered as the variants of adaptation to harsh natural environments or, in historic times, as islands of the past inexorably eroded by the floods of external colonization.Researchers ecological intuition suggests that culture could only faintly glimmer in the North, but never flourish, that the could at best offer its inhabitants a niche for physical survival, but never a field for the glorious achievements.Routines of household and everyday life disappear in often absurd manifestations of prestige and fashion, cult and power.In place of typical fisherman or herder a figure of chieftain or sorcerer is personified.

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