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Kevin Leman speak 3 times total this last Sunday and Monday at our church.He gave phenomenal parenting advice that I've started implementing, and am happy to say I can already see a difference!Or maybe you'd just like to make it through a meal without any high chair high jinks?Parents of toddlers, read on for expert advice from Dr. There are two things that every person on the planet does: eat and go potty.

The teen years can be a wonderful season, but also a time of unique challenges for both parents and kids.

This funny story illustrates an important principle: when it comes to dressing and wardrobe issues with your kids, it's critical to decide what constitutes a true problem, and what doesn't.

For this teacher, the young man's pants were a true problem.

One student in particular always seemed to have an inside scoop on everything her peers were doing. More than 20 years ago when I was in junior high, the thought of "getting fat" plagued me almost every day.

Sadly, I suffered mostly silently while I listened to whining complaints from this girl for an entire school year. These concerns still exist, and perhaps even more so for today's young women because of the way the media idolize beauty above character.

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