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The modern varieties of Chinese all descended from Middle Chinese (中古汉语 [中古漢語]), which was spoken in China during Southern and Northern Dynasties, and the Sui, Tang, and Song dynasties (c.

5th - 12th centuries AD), and which developed from Old Chinese (上古汉语 [上古漢語]), which was spoken during the Shang and Zhou Dynasties and the Warring States Period (c. Varieties of spoken Chinese are traditional grouped into the following major groups: Further details of Spoken Chinese The main written form of Chinese is based mainly on the Mandarin spoken by educated people in Beijing.

There are also communities of Chinese speakers in many other parts of the world. | Spoken Chinese | Written Chinese | The different varieties of Chinese are known as 方言 (fāngyán), which is translated as 'regional languages', 'toplects', 'dialects' or 'varieties'.

The English term dialect normally refers to mutually intelligible varieties of a single language, though the distinction between dialects and languages is often for sociological and political reasons rather than linguistic ones.

Chinese people generally refer to Chinese as a single language with a number of different dialects or varieties.

However there is little mutual intelligiblity between the different varieties of Chinese and as a result some non-Chinese linguists refer to them as separate languages.

English language skills are increasing rapidly in China and so are the numbers of Chinese interested in learning about the outside world and making foreign friends.

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Hear a recording of this text Books about Chinese characters and calligraphy Mandarin, Shanghainese, Hokkien, Taiwanese and Cantonese Learn Mandarin Chinese with Glossika Learn to speak Mandarin Chinese confidently and naturally with Rocket Chinese Learn Chinese online with Chinese Class101 chin EASE helps you learn Chinese characters by showing you how to break them down into simpler parts.In fact, if you’ve ever used a Cupid dating site before, then you will feel right at home here and know what to expect.The site is primarily aimed at connecting Chinese women with foreign men such as expats in China, exchange students or just visitors.There are relatively few different types of syllable in spoken Chinese - about 1,700 in Mandairn, compared to languages like English with over 8,000 - yet there are tens of thousands of characters.As a result there are multiple characters for each syllable, each of which has a different meaning.

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