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Ed Roman If Bernie had sold his guitars at the price they were actually worth (much higher) he would have died a multi millionaire.Guitarists are prone to thinking that the higher the price the higher the quality.So it was normal to shop mail order for quality items !!!!Our numbering system was a little less sophisticated in the early days, and we didn’t adhere to an actual production “schedule” until 1987.Employees Bob Taylor, Kurt Listug, and Steve Schemmer purchase the American Dream Musical Instrument Manufacturing shop in Lemon Grove, California, and change the name to Taylor Guitars; all rosewood used is Brazilian.

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I will not allow use of this photo on any website without written permission and final approval of the context & usage.Introduce Presentation Series; Baby Taylor; LKSM-6; Grand Auditoriums added to regular line; SKB cases for 400 Series; in January, begin making “curved” pegheads on all Dreadnoughts; introduce Taylor Ware line of branded clothing and accessories.In January, Taylor Guitars’ website goes online; guitar line expanded to 61 models, including three new series (300, Koa, and Walnut), revamped 400, 600, 700, 800 Series, introduction of Baby-M and AB-3 maple/spruce bass; release of , a CD featuring numerous artists playing Taylor guitars and basses; in August, begin moving into new factory/office building; introduce re-designed label and begin affixing them to the back of the interior of each guitar, where they’re easily visible., a sequel to the 1998 CD collection; introduce new gig bag for the Baby Taylor; open 8,000-square-foot storage facility next to Taylor factory; enter agreement to factory-install Elixir strings, featuring Polyweb coating, on all Taylors.I looked at the review and it was very good to say the least, however we know how reviews go.I looked at this one all evening trying to find something wrong with it just to not buy it and couldnt come up with anything I personaly dis like other than the neck size everything else Im happy with and being a neck through is a plus sence we dont currently have one lying around the house. Also where does this guitar stand with the others in the price range its made for?

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