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Quality of life is another term that is subject to scrutiny along today’s trends.

Contrary to traditional belief, and supported by nume-rous research, material acquisition of products does not enhance our quality of life; rather it is ensuring our safety and that our needs are met, and we are in positive contributing relationships with our communities.

Chances are that you are going to find your best soluation of true costs (those externalized hidden numbers) by collaborating with surrounding communities that might be affected by your interests.

The term, externalities refers to invisible costs that are not related to the acquisition of resources or related to market demand.

Here is another term that can be misleading, since we live on one planet, in constant competition for resources, therefore, realistically, nothing should be considered ‘external’.

Yes, environmentally, people may be the worst thing that happened to the planet, but it is also the best thing that ever happened.

That is because we have an incredible ability to identify with our surroundings and understand implications, both negative and positive to our situations.

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