Dating relationship with single parent

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Basing a relationship on a 'romance or fantasy' --on what you hope this guy will be- is a train wreck waiting to happen !! People [men and women] lie when they see that they can 'get something' from the other person. Phil, and see all the gullible women who 'fall for men' and then are conned out of money, their homes, everything. That he wasn't telling you the truth of how he acquired his money !!

I am so glad that you went down and looked at his divorce records !! I know you like him, and if men are charming, good looking, or you're so lonely that just to be with someone [anyone !

From what Mike has told me, his ex just up and left him and he has to care for the kids.

As any woman would be, I am curious about the ex and I want to know more about what happened in the marriage but I don't want to put Mike on the spot.

On one hand, if I hadn't gone to the courthouse, I wouldn't know any of this.

And if it was the woman who was getting support, no one would question it.

Will he stomp off, look at you as if your 'snooping' on him - or will he open up and tell you honestly tell you about his life ??

You also have to tell him that you don't own the business..will be a big 'test' of where he's coming from. He's lied to you now, and what comes out of his mouth from now on- can you trust and believe what he says to you ? Phil] : '' The best predictor of future behavior- is past behavior''.

Isadora You guys are definitely wrong for each other, because you both expect the other one to bring in the money and afford an elevated lifestyle beyond your own means!But on the other, maybe I'm old fashioned and I don't want to waste my time with a many who isn't a traditional earner. I like Mike It sounds like neither of you has been completely honest with the other - you have both misrepresented yourselves, so I can't see this relationship going anywhere good from here.If he is lying about how he made his money at this early stage then to me that is a red flag.You call this thinking ''traditional'' as it applies to you and he might call it ''modern'' as it applies to him.He thinks you are a business owner like his ex, which served him well financially once before and you thought he was rich and supports his ex, not the other way around. He will be just as disappointed in you not owning your business as you are in him right now. Even before you reached the part where you learned he lied about being self-supporting, I got the vibe that he is conning you.

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