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The recruitment process is the same, but the difference is that the mule will receive illegally obtained merchandise and will be instructed to send that merchandise to a third party.

Again, this could be another mule or directly overseas to a foreign recipient.

Individuals who succumb to these types of fraudulent job offers are often financially distressed due to extended unemployment or other financial hardship.

The fraudster, acting as a predator, will attempt to cultivate a relationship with the victim based on lies.These types of scams are successful because it may be difficult for some to distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent opportunities. She applied for the job, and that’s when things took a strange turn.She had not yet accepted the position when a package containing a check for ,450 arrived at her door.They also may be recruited through romance and lottery scams.Unknowing mules are vulnerable adults who are often older, lonely and potentially financially strapped.

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