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No telling how much contraband from the original delivery had already been sold before the bust.

Such activities could only be done by coordinating with a well-financed group outside the prison.

How in the world could someone smuggle in such a trove of contraband, you ask?

A snitch told them about a hiding place in the kitchen storeroom.

The illegal items had been delivered to the outside prison warehouse, then secreted inside a fifty-pound bag of potatoes.

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Florida has a law authorizing such payments, but the only prisoners who have paying jobs work in the limited PRIDE prison industries program or are canteen workers or shoeshine boys, being paid from canteen profits.

TODAY California prison gangs developed decades ahead of Florida, but in the past twenty years Florida has been catching up.

The police claim over 150 prison gangs operates in Hillsborough County (Tampa) alone.

With cheap prepaid cell phones going for 0 — 0 each, low-paid staffers are easily tempted.

Once the prison employee has compromised himself/herself by handing off a pack of cigarettes to a prisoner, it is difficult to get off the hook.

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