Dating someone in a biker gang

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Multiply that single example by hundreds or thousands of state and federal prisons nationwide, and the scope of the problem is revealed. Prison gangs are becoming more organized and coordinated with outside members, even maintaining up-to-date membership lists on computers.

So much money is involved, the temptations are so great, that stopping the ever-increasing criminal activities seems an impossible task.

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M.”), the Outlaws biker gang, and unnamed white supremacist groups mostly affiliated with larger gangs out west.By: Charles Norman, Contributing Writer Two young men recently asked me, “What gang are you in? “The Norman gang.” I am an “old-timer.” The fact that I have survived over 36 years in Florida’s worst prisons without compromising my principles is a matter of awe to other prisoners, most of whom weren’t even born when I began serving this wrongful LIFE sentence.I’ve learned a lot about gangs without even trying.Little can be done until some overt act occurs, such as four Mexican gang members attacking and stabbing two opposing gang members over nonpayment of a drug debt.A prison lockdown and mass transfer of thirty or more gang members to several other prisons might alleviate the immediate gang violence, but by scattering so many gang members to other prisons, in effect, pollinating the other prisons with new blood and new leadership, the ultimate problems only increase over time.

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