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BUY NOWIn high school, “mood lighting” meant a string of Christmas lights.But an updated lamp from Anthropologie sets a classier scene.Cue passive-aggressive comments from the homeowners.” Your parents will hassle you sometimes — let it slide.If you’re hitting your financial goals and chipping in for household expenses, whatever else you do with your money is okay. It’s simple to make your walls sing — without *NSYNC posters. Unfortunately, I was unable to afford my mortgage on my single income and I let it go into foreclosure.I’d also like to know (if you suggest that I keep dating) how I should bring this topic up to the men I’m dating. Yet if I bring it up too soon, I fear that they will run the other way (I would!Your Plan: At some point, he’ll swing by your place — and wonder how you afford a three-bedroom with a two-car garage. Say: “Just FYI, I’m staying at home for a few months to help pay down debts.” Adding a time frame helps emphasize this is temporary, says relationship expert Mike Dow, Psy D, author of The Situation: You want to take a hottie home, but it’s not totally your home....Your Plan: As tempting as it may be to sneak him in (and out), you’re better off avoiding one-night-stand smuggling.

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I am now living with my parents at the age of 40 in the hopes of saving for 6-12 months and getting a place of my own again. I really want to get back in the dating world but feel inadequate because of my living situation.

) Congratulations for getting out of your bad twenty-year marriage.

If that sounds like faint praise, consider the number of women who don’t have the courage to take control of their lives and attempt to get happy again. But it’s practical and it’s a function of where you’re at during this transitional time of your life. If anything, you should be proud that you extricated yourself from that awful situation. So repost that online dating profile, meet guys for drinks on Saturday night, kiss a few strangers, see how they follow up afterwards on Dates 2 and 3, and when a guy asks to go back to your place, tell him the truth: it’s not an option for you right now, but his place sounds awful nice. (By the way, you don’t have to “hide” your living status until Date 3.

Or score vintage finds at online auction site Everything but the House. BUY NOWSwap out Snoopy sheets for something clean and simple, says Brooklinen cofounder Vicki Fulop.

Even if you can’t splurge on Egyptian cotton, go for bedding in a muted color like pale blue or even white.

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