Dating with the sexual revolution

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Oh yes, they were heady days, out of which many good things came.

But at university I could see close-up the impact of the sexual revolution and the 'new' pressure to sleep around.

Except these 'liberated' women gave it away for free.

Alex Comfort's The Joy of Sex: A Gourmet Guide To Lovemaking, came out in 1972, and that same year the first issue of British Cosmopolitan changed women's magazines for ever.

Nevertheless it's absurd to suggest that we exist in isolation, that we are is the defining mood or spirit of a particular period in history and shaped by the ideas and beliefs of the time. So Amis asks us to pose this question: what were the pressures on a particular girl - his sister - who turned 20 in 1974?

And, equally important; what is the ongoing effect on the society of today?

To suggest any individual was immune from that tidal wave of change, or from the pressures that came with it, for women in particular, is frankly wrong.

Yet Amis has hit a nerve, with liberals in particular, who rightly read his comments as a criticism of everything they believed in and fought for through the massive social upheavals of those decades.

People have always had sex before (and illicit sex within) marriage.To be a 'nice girl' was to be looked on as a freak.The truth was, however, the new permissiveness gave men permission to exploit you.You only have to think of the excesses of the first sexual revolution - the 'roaring' Twenties.But our sexual revolution was more sweeping and long-lasting.

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