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The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) published the guidance, which was developed with the Department of Health, to address variations in local formularies – defined by NICE as “the output of processes to support the managed introduction, utilisation or withdrawal of healthcare treatments within a health economy, service or organisation”.These variations included the number of NHS organisations covered by the formulary; the range of medicines the formulary includes; and the processes for developing and updating the formulary.While some were close to or even already above their LCFF target, others were quite far away.Since all receive the same percentage of their need each year, some get a significant amount of gap funding each year during the phase in period while others get very little, and all should get to their LCFF target at about the same time, with certain exceptions.The committee also has representation from local Healthwatch organisations, NHS England London area team, and support from Medicines Information Services and the South London Commissioning Support Unit.A working group (South East London Area Prescribing Committee New Drugs Panel) meets monthly to assess new medicines for prescribing within south east London, where these are intended to be prescribed in primary care or commissioned by CCGs.Figures may not sum due to changes between years for growth and cost-of-living adjustments (COLA).As of the 2017–18 Budget Act, school districts and charter schools are receiving on average 97 percent of their LCFF targets, as indicated in Figure 2.

*Note: Amount calculated by CDE as of each year's Budget Act.

At Lewisham Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), we take recommendations on medicines issues from the South East London Area Prescribing Committee (APC).

It includes all the CCGs, local hospitals and NHS Trusts in south east London.

Medicines recommended for use by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) and the National Commissioning Board are automatically included in the Medicines Formulary.

Visit Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Trust website for more information of the formulary and the addition of drugs recommended by NICE.

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