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Contact lenses do not induce any different accommodation than that required for a given distance.

Consequently, myopes require more accommodation and hyperopes less accommodation when they transfer from spectacles to contact lenses.

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Changes during accommodation: (A), contraction of ciliary muscles; (B), approximation of ciliary muscles to lens; (C), relaxation of suspensory ligament; (D), increased curvature of anterior surface of lens.4 (in sociology) the reciprocal reconciliation of conflicts between individuals or groups concerning habits and customs, usually through a process of compromise, arbitration, or negotiation. Occupational medicine The changes made by a person or organisation to a workplace to allow a person with disabilities to work there.

See aniso-accommodation; ciliary muscle; accommodative reflex; Fincham's theory; Helmholtz's of accommodation theory.amplitude of accommodation The maximum amount of accommodation A that the eye can exert.

It is expressed in dioptres, as the difference between the far point and the near point measured with respect either to the spectacle plane or the corneal apex or some other reference point.

These three actions constitute the accommodation reflex.

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See convergence accommodation; proximal accommodation; reflex accommodation; resting state of accommodation.consensual accommodation Accommodation occurring in one eye when the other eye has received the dioptric stimulus.convergence accommodation 1.See myopic defocus.mechanism of accommodation Process by which the eye focuses onto an object.It does so by contracting the ciliary muscle which releases the tension on the zonular fibres, allowing the elastic lens capsule to increase its curvature, especially that of the front surface.See: adaptation The automatic process by which the eyes adjust their focus when the gaze is shifted from one point to another at a different distance.Accommodation is achieved by changing the degree of curvature of the internal crystalline lenses of the eyes.

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