Do not be unequally yoked dating

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She’s overheard some of the conversations (without identifying details, of course) and recently told us, “Hearing these stories make me feel a whole lot better about my situation.” It truly is better to be a little frustrated in your singleness (if in fact you are frustrated at all) than to think a dysfunctional marriage to a dysfunctional man or woman would be better because at least you’d be married.

Legions of men and women miserable in their brand new dysfunctional marriages would disagree with you.

These are all arbitrary deal-breakers, which often serve to keep these people alone for a really long time.

The thing is: you can’t tell them that they should change. I wrote an article for Yahoo called which focuses on the deal-breakers we impose on relationships.

I don’t take her to synagogue, she doesn’t take me to church.

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If you compromise on any of these, you will have a long time to regret it.

In order to have that strong connection we crave, we look for someone who is like-minded.

I’ve got clients who want someone who can dance, because dancing is important.

An example is if we were married in the future, he would want to donate lots and lots of money to the needy because he’s willing to sacrifice his own selfish needs to help others as God would want him to.

But I said although that’s admirable, I’d rather take that money and pay off our mortgage or save it for the kid’s college funds.

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