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Two standard methods, the “fine-grain technique” and the “quartz inclusion technique”, and a new method, the pre-dose saturation exponential technique in thermoluminescence (TL) dating of ancient pottery and porcelain were reviewed, especially for the measurement of the paleodose and the annual dose.The two standard methods have been acknowledged in domain of TL dating and are used widely for age determination in archaeology and geology.A chronology is relative/floating when only the order of a succession of facts is known, but not their dates, and absolute when the opposite is true.For periods or areas for which no textual evidence is available, relative chronologies have to be established and these are mostly based on pottery sequences and typology.

The amount of thermoluminescence from a heated sample is used to determine the number of trapped electrons resulting from the absorption of alpha radiation.

S., which lasted approximately 45 minutes, was profusely illustrated with superb colour slides, and greatly entertained and stimulated the audience.

SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: thermoluminescence dating, thermoluminescent dating; TLCATEGORY: technique DEFINITION: Chronometric method of dating ceramic materials by measuring the stored energy created when they were first fired.

The potential for using the thermoluminescence behaviour of sediments for dating them was first recognized by Soviet scientists G. In this review we describe the principles of TL dating, the various methods used, and contrast TL dating of sediments with the now well-accepted TL dating of pottery.

Since 1977 TL sediment dates have been published by six additional groups using a variety of methods.

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