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Ruah is due in the fall, and, in the meantime, her stunt double will be working overtime.

, the couple has to split duty in taking care of their 17-month-old son Wyatt Oliver."I would put him to bed and do the bath and everything, and then he would wake up and he'd be like, 'Mama? It's like a full-out war happened."While Eric admitted that he knew Sarah was the one "pretty early on" in their relationship, Sarah joked that she wasn't as easily swayed."It took me about five years," Sarah kidded.

Instead of giggling and whatever when nobody's looking, I think she's probably going to almost keep her distance more. My husband would talk to me less on set when we started dating than he did before we were dating.

It was like, 'I'm going to be so pretending this is not going on that I'm going to ignore you completely, instead of being normal around you.' I think people react in different ways."Grammys Fashion: Hits and misses Despite the fact that has moved to 10 p.m.

They have to throw some sort of obstacle, because it can't just be smooth from now on.

"Everybody's kind of waiting to see if our work is jeopardized by the success of the relationship," Olsen told during a recent set visit.And I think it's going to be the catalyst for a lot of mistakes."Fall TV Scorecard: What's renewed? Other complications arise from the couple's reluctance to share the news with their colleagues - who, let's face it, have their suspicions already."I think eventually the team's going to have to know what's going on between Kensi and Deeks," Ruah tells That includes (spoiler alert) the couple's first argument, in the episode airing Feb. But even Olsen and Ruah admit they're not certain about where the relationship is heading."I don't get the scripts until a couple weeks before you guys see them on TV, so I'm just as emotionally invested in this relationship and where it's going as the audience is," Olsen admits."Will they, won't they --I thought that would go on for 10 seasons. All the questions as an audience, they're asking, I'm asking the same questions."Adds Ruah: "It was a surprise to me when they wrote that Kensi had that conversation in the Christmas episode with Deeks.

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