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Ivy favored Ethan over her other children because he was the son of her "true love", Sam Bennett, and not her husband, whom she loathed, and Fox, as well as his sisters, came to resent their mother for this.

Unlike his sisters, however, Fox also came to resent Ethan for their mother's favoritism, and the two men shared an adversarial relationship until the stillbirth of Ethan's daughter, Sarah Winthrop, in 2003.

Actor Nick Stabile took over the role temporarily following the 2004 Summer Olympic Games (which preempted Passions for a few weeks), while Hartley's wife, fellow Passions star Lindsay Hartley was on maternity leave.

Fox, as played by Hartley, was a fan favorite amongst Passions viewers.

Shortly after his debut, Fox becomes infatuated with Whitney Russell; he plots to woo Whitney away from her boyfriend, Chad, but eventually decides to respect her wishes and ends his attempts.

He then engages in a brief relationship with his half-brother's ex-fiancé, Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald, played by Hartley's real-life wife, Lindsay Hartley.

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After breaking up with Kay, Fox begins a relationship with his sister's best friend, Esme Vanderheusen.

The two believe that they have found true love when Fox is shot and killed in his bedroom by an unseen sniper on September 17, 2007; the murderer is eventually revealed to be Esme's fifteen-year-old niece, Viki.

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