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By that I mean: I'd like to meet "normal", 'nice" and "educated" Japanese girls. Here it costs some money too..seems like a serious site? MIXI - I've heard that you can meet people through Mixi.

I am not looking for sex partners...though sex is obviouly fun. Not obviously all in Japanese so probably a more likely site to meet people. I have a Mixi account but have never used it for that purpose and I am not sure how to go about it. Any other suggestions when it comes to concrete sites?

Men normally do not give any gifts on Valentine’s day but will instead give women presents (normally chocolate or cakes) on White day, March 14.

Couple counseling All relationships can suffer periods where things are tougher.

Go for the ones not wearing gloves — they are the real deal.

How to catch him: Pretend you don’t know how to use a machine or do some squats and ask him to correct your form.

But now I am also someone who's pretty busy, in his early 30s with little time to spend chasing after women in bars (and something i don't enjoy anymore either). The world has changed it that so also for Japan?

From what I knew about Japan a few years ago, o‰ï‚¢sites where usually frowned upon by Japanese. If if so, could you recommend me some Japanese websites (or any websites) where I could try my luck meeting locals here in Tokyo????

In this indirect approach sensitivity to other peoples needs and wishes is highly valued and encouraged.

Many countries celebrate Valentine’s day February 14th and Japan is no exception.

Valentine’s day in Japan however is a day where women are suppose to give small gifts, normally chocolate, to men.

How to recognize him: Wears vintage clothes, carries a guitar or sketchbook.

Invite him to your photography exhibition or show him your drawings.

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