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Fixation is a psychological description of a person who has not successfully navigated one of the stages of infancy or youth and thus remains stuck in the thinking and patterns of that stage, to one degree or another.

Out culture’s fixation on teenage issues and attitudes is manifest in some of the following: I have often been accused when writing in this manner, especially by younger men that I have little idea what they really face.

I have had many women tell me how tedious young men are.

I usually reply that a feminized culture has largely produced them. Men also get mixed messages from both women and culture to the effect “Be a man, but don’t do it in a manly way…Show some leadership but get out of the way….

This “pre-adulthood” has much to recommend it, especially for the college-educated.So when I’m jealous, the problem lies in my faith — I’m Even with your jealous feelings. I don’t know of anything else like it." (Doug) "Excellent comment. So ask God to help you see and feel how wrong this is — and confess it to Him. By faith alone in Christ alone you can be assured that you are completely forgiven, clothed with Jesus perfect moral goodness, and passionately loved by God — who rejoices to do you good with all His heart and soul (Jer ). Look at promises of how Christ will completely satisfy your heart — like Matt -29; John ; John -39; 1Cor . But even this is God’s goodness towards us — as the slower times humble us, deepen our longings, and make the deliverance all the sweeter when it comes.In schools young boys who show the traditional spit and vinegar are declared ADHD and medicated.They are forbidden the rough and tumble that used to be usual fare for growing boys.

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